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Gold Star




In April 2023 EDIFICE and The Monastery brought you Transcendence, an immersive experience unlike anything else. 

Transcendence tells Oscar Wilde’s classic tragedy Salomé through a dark, sensual, voyeuristic lens. This unique production opened the doors of The Monastery - an ancient, sacred space in Rye, which boasts three storeys of carefully curated, lavish interiors designed by Alex Macarthur. Throughout the evening your senses were awoken with scented interiors, candlelit rooms, complimentary wine, aphrodisiac appetisers and an enchanting, original composition by Phillip O’Meara. 

...So you gave yourself to us, as this night, on this full moon you were invited to the lavish masked banquet of King Herod to drink his wine and enjoy his sprawling home; known for its lavish gatherings and lively court, it was a night to remember and we hope to return with others to come! 

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